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2008 Picnic in the Park
Due to Hurricane Ike, we may have to postpone this years picnic. Keep checking the site for further information. If the picnic is postponed, we will inform everyone by making a note on the home page.

Park Lighting Complete
You may have noticed some light coming from the park at night?  A new low level lighting system has been designed and installed by Bill Biggadike & Associates from New Braunfels, Texas.

This system is conservatively uses power with Mercury Vapor lights and with timers and a photocell.  Most of the lights are installed high in the trees for down lighting, with a couple 'up lights' shining into the tree from below.

In addition, the system has a 'feature light' that has a separate manual timer to turn on a special light for the water fountain.  This circuitry is tied into a separate timer that will shutoff the pump at night when the feature light is not being used.

HOA Volunteers Needed
Have ideas for the neighborhood?  Are you concerned with neighborhood issues?  We need you!  The HOA is supported by volunteers.  The more support that we have, the more that we can do for the community.

We need help in these areas:

  • ACC (Architectural Control Committee - The group that clarifies and enforces neighborhood covenants)

  • Park and Grounds Leadership

  • Board Member Position

Any interest?  Email:

Association Spring Picnic
The spring picnic was a great success!  Many families attended for the food, music, and moon jump.  It was our first picnic in the newly landscaped park. 

In addition to the neighbors, several candidates and their families enjoyed the picnic.  It was a great opportunity for an informal meeting with some of our current and future local leaders. 

Thanks to Hilda and Florencio for their time and effort planning this activity!

Kingsley Park Development
Stay tuned for more information on the park development!  Exciting improvements in progress.  Check out the Kingsley Park page.


Annual Meeting Highlights
December 7th - 7:00 pm

  • Hilda Solis & Florencio Sanchez elected to 3 year terms on the board of directors.  Congratulations!

  • Initial plans for park development were presented at the meeting.  Irrigation and master landscaping plan to be completed in the first quarter of 2005.

  • Based on a unanimous vote at the meeting, the 2006 annual assessment is increasing to $175.  This increase is to cover the increased costs of common area maintenance, utilities, and the increased costs to maintain the park that will be developed during 2005.

Annual Association Meeting
December 7th - 7:00 pm

Lark Community Center

Website Updates
New pages added.  See new community page and new recommendations page.

Halloween Party - August 16, 2004
**This picnic was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

October 30th.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming Halloween picnic.  Please send a message if you are interested in helping out.

Summer Picnic
Summer picnic was a great success! 

See photos from the event on the Picture page.  We hope to have another neighborhood party around Halloween!  Stay tuned for more details.  Send any ideas to:

Special thanks to master chef Ron Dunmore and Florencio Sanchez for the sound system!!

Do you have an idea for the homeowner's association?  Would you like to get more involved?  Any questions about the direction of the association?  Email:

Architectural Control Committee
Questions or concerns for the ACC?  Email: